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Music Sundays (Final Preview!)

Sunday, Jan 31, 2016 2:30 PM

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DC Chapter

Event Details: Sunday, Jan 31, 2016 2:30 PM - 6:30 PM
7DL Studios
2008 8th St. NW Washington DC
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About This Event

Cancelled! We're taking a break from events to refocus and learn how Flashband can best serve you, our musicians.

Music Sunday is time dedicated to playing, learning, and socializing around music. Drop in any time during our 4-hour takeover of 7DL Studios. You can take one or all of our weekly classes, join a themed jam session led by a member of the Flashband community, or start a self-led jam with the other musicians there. Hang out and socialize in between informal jams, or fill your time with organized sessions the whole time. No matter your background or interests, Music Sunday is the easiest way to play more music. Co-hosted by Flashband and 7DL Studios. 

This will be our final preview for Music Sunday's, and we'd love for you to be a part of helping shape this new space for everyone to play more music!

This Week:
  • Music Technology - Tools to Use Onstage For A More Effective Performance |   2:30-3:30pm  |   Instructor: Howard Rabach
  • Kazoo and Mouth Trumpet  |   3:45-4:45pm  |   Instructor: Louisa Hall
  • Beginner Guitar  |   5:00-6:00pm  |   Instructor: DeAnte Haggerty-Willis
  • TBD  |   2:40-3:30pm  |   Leader: Fahd Majeed
  • TBD  |   3:55-4:45pm  |   Leader: TBD
  • TBD  |   5:10-6:00pm  |   Leader: Louisa Hall
Full Schedule
Classes and Workshops

Every week we hold 2-3 classes, which can be lecture style, interactive workshops or round table discussions. Classes will change each week with the most popular classes recurring every 1-2 months. Class size may be limited - preference is given to those that sign up for specific classes in the pre-event survey emailed to all participants.

Music Technology - Tools to Use Onstage For A More Effective Performance |   2:30-3:30pm  |   Instructor: Howard Rabach

This 1-hour workshop will focus on tools of primary importance for any regularly gigging, OR truly any performing musician who would like a streamlined "toolbox" to both improve his/her performances. We will cover topics including, but not limited to; instrument selection, amplification. direct boxes, microphone choices, monitoring options, effect pedals & power supply options, cabling, "combo" versus separate amplifier and speaker cabinets, creating your own personal "Oh, Crap!" emergency tool kit.

Kazoo and Mouth Trumpet |   3:45-4:45pm  |   Instructor: Louisa Hall

This fun class will help you explore the wonderful, experimental effects that can be evoked with simple, low budget instruments and toys.

Beginner Guitar |   5:00-6:00pm  |   Instructor: DeAnte Haggerty-Willis

This class is the perfect place to begin or refine your journey into the world of the guitar! Catered to all styles of music and skill levels, with demonstrations on technique and practice tips. Feel free to bring your axe and any questions!


Organized Jams

Organized jams each have a designated jam leader who is in charge of preparing materials (such as chord charts if relevant), making sure everyone follows basic rules of jam etiquette and keeping the jam on track. Interested in being a jam leader? Read the jam leader responsibilities and send an email to ariel@flashband.org.

Jam size is limited, typically to 6 people as well as some instrument limitations (only one each of drums, bass) - preference is given to those that sign up first (session signup survey is below)

TBD |   2:40-3:30pm  |   Instructor: Fahd Majeed

TBD |   3:55-4:45pm  |   Instructor: TBD

TBD |   5:10-6:00pm  |   Instructor: Louisa Hall

Self directed jams

Did you get inspired by a class or just meet some cool people during your session? Check out a room for a self-directed jam. Unlike the classes and organized jams, these are first-come first-serve on the day of the jam, and you can check out one 30 minute block at a time. 


Registered Musicians

Already signed up for the event? Go here to see the availability and sign up for specific classes or jam sessions (priority given to those that register first). Pre-signups close Friday at noon (day-of signups available as space allows).


Message Board

If you are signed up for this event, use the message board below to communicate with fellow musicians. This is a great place to find bands, ask questions and make suggestions!

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Event Leader

Ariel Shelton is leading this event. Have questions?
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