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Website Launch Party

Friday, Nov 20, 2015 7:30 PM

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DC Chapter

Event Details: Friday, Nov 20, 2015 7:30 PM - 11:00 PM
Eastern Market North Hall
225 Seventh Street, SE, Washington, DC
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About This Event


Thanks to everyone that came to the event! Here's pictures, check them out!


The event

To celebrate the arrival of our new website, we're throwing a massive jam party extravaganza, brought to you by Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center and Dos Equis. 

Come out for a night of socializing with DC's musicians. Grab cake and champagne at our bar at Eastern Market North Hall, a gorgeous venue right off the Metro. Experience our new website through internet portals. Dance to music from tons of local bands. Bring your instrument and play in our 2-hour jam session. Meet musicians of many genres, backgrounds and skill levels. Connect with the movers and shakers in music, and network with key music-related organizations and businesses. Win musical raffle prizes.

It's a party to celebrate the new Flashband bringing musicians together, and a special night not to be missed.

Tickets $10 ($7 Backstage) early bird
(they'll be $20 at the door)
Includes free drink for everyone there before 8:30pm

On stage jam session

Want to play in the jam? Bring your instrument and check it in at our coat and instrument check. We'll have Elijah Balbed and the JoGo Project leading the jam, and any musicians who want to join in are encouraged to hop in for a song (or three!).

All sound equipment, amps, a drum kit and keyboard are provided. Just check your instrument at our instrument check, and join in the jam when you want to play! Jam order is first-come first-serve by instrument.

Sound provided by Gold Pants Rentals

Backline by Chuck Levins

Jam hosting by the JoGo Project




Thanks to our awesome partners we have some great raffle prizes to give away to the musicians. Raffle tickets are free (just go visit our partner tables!) and giveaway will be at 9:30pm.

Chuck Levins

Presonus AudioBox Creation Suite($250 value): Mic/Line-in interface, microphone, midi keyboard, headphones and more - all you need to start recording at home. "Legendary Advice, Best Prices. Everything in Music!"

Machine Room Studios

3 hours recording/mixing time: $250 value From the awesome Howard Rabach, you pick how to use the time either recording or just mixing/mastering. "Machine Room Studio is an audio production space purpose-built for inspiration, creation, and learning. Professional yet affordable services including recording, mixing, arrangements, "virtual" sessions, training, and consulting. We serve your music through patience, understanding, and a shared vision of your success."

Gold Pants Rentals

PA Rental or sound engineer services: $100 value Next time you're doing a DIY house show or a gig at a small venue, let Gold Pants take care of the sound. "We rent PAs to small bands and single musicians, and offer all levels of service from convenient equipment pickup to full set up and operation."

7DL Studios

Band practice and Lessons: $100 value Free 45-minute drum lesson and a 2-hour band practice slot! "7DL Studios offers drum lessons, rehearsal space, and solo practice rooms in their space at 8th and U St. NW."

Opening music from featured local DC bands:

Elijah Balbed and the JoGo Project,
Justin Trawick
Honest Haloway
Albino Rhino
Clones of Clones
Bells and Hunters
Brent and Co.
Turtle Recall
Aztec Sun
Junior League
The Perfectionists
Dan Fisk

Additional Partner Organizations at the party:
The MusicianShip
House Studios
DC Music Download
DC Blues Society
Funk Parade / Fair Trade Music DC
DC Rockers

The story

Flashband brings together and helps strengthen musical communities. On November 9th, we launched a new version of our website that will help musicians connect even more closely within the local scene. To celebrate the website launch, we're inviting all the pieces of DC's vibrant music community to come together.

Thanks to our sponsors:

Dos XX

Dos XX


Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center


Message Board

If you are signed up for this event, use the message board below to communicate with fellow musicians. This is a great place to find bands, ask questions and make suggestions!

You must be logged in to use the message board.

Grant Gunn
Nov 20, 2015 7:56 PM
I do "Imagine" on guitar in key of G, for my vocal range. Everyone should know this song.

Grant Gunn
Nov 20, 2015 7:52 PM
I'd like to sing/lead Lennon's "Imagine" if you like.

Raycheal Proctor
Nov 19, 2015 8:45 PM
...this is going to be a lot of fun...

Nov 19, 2015 8:41 AM
definitely looking forward to this one.

Ginny Hill
Nov 13, 2015 3:42 PM
I GUESS I'll wait until Nov. 20.... are we there yet?

Matthew C
Nov 13, 2015 10:47 AM
I can wait until Nov. 20 for this.

Deborah Lash
Nov 9, 2015 7:56 PM
I can't wait either! Epic!

Ariel Shelton
Nov 5, 2015 6:20 PM
Can't wait for this!

Event Leader

Ariel Shelton is leading this event. Have questions?
Contact Ariel

Attending Musicians

97 / 200
103 spots remain

Aaron Miller
Vocals  3

Adrian Gianforti

Adva Priso
Saxophone  2

Aeron Premo
Vocals  2

Alan Warburton
Electric Guitar  2


Andrew Toy
Percussion (Other)  1

Anna Jane
Acoustic Guitar  2

Anthony Masucci
Drums  2

Apollo Bradley

Ariel Shelton
French Horn

Avi Walter

Becky Tatera

Ben Trajtenberg
Electric Bass  4

ben schifman
Electric Guitar  3

Ben Fisher
Saxophone  4

Ben Laurenson
Saxophone  1

Ben Neely

Ben DeAngelo

Benjamin Feinsilver

Benjamin Henkin

Blaine Menelik

Brendan Hoar

Brian Farrow
Upright Bass  4

Bryan Humphrey

Cathy DiToro

Chelsea D'Angona

Chris Bulbulia

Christiam Camacho
Electric Guitar  2

Craig Green
Electric Bass  3

Dale Holmes
Electric Guitar  2

Dan Fisk

Daniel Neyra
Electric Guitar  1

Daniel Horgan

Danny Chiriaco
Vocals  3


Dave Mallen

david neuman
Drums  1

David Rothman
Electric Guitar  2

Davin Coburn

Deborah Lash

Dylan Joyce

Elijah Balbed

Emilia Gore

George Schuler

Gil Glass
Electric Bass  2

Ginny Hill

Grant Gunn
Acoustic Guitar  1

Hannah Sternberg
Electric Bass

Isabel Hernandez-Cata
Vocals  2

Isabelle De Leon

Jackie P

Jamie Bradley

Jeremy Padow
Electric Guitar  2

Jerry Hergenreder
Electric Guitar  2

Jessica Glover

joel lopez
Electric Guitar

Katie T

Keith Fischer

kelliann beavers

Ken Clevelnd
Electric Guitar  1

kevin kask
Drums  1

Lainie Williams
Vocals  1

LeighAnne Markaity

Luis Callejas

Lynn Brabender

Matt Corrado
Drums  1

Matt Haygood
Acoustic Guitar  5

Matthew Febles
Electric Bass  2

Matthew C
Electric Guitar  2

May Silvestre
Acoustic Guitar  2

Mazyar Emami
Acoustic Guitar  1

Merlyn Ember
Vocals  2

Michelle Neely

Miles Ryan

N Jones

Neal Marks
Electric Guitar  1

Neal Humphrey
Violin (Fiddle)  3

Paul P

Peter Kelley
Acoustic Guitar  2

Preethy Feit
Vocals  1

Randy Gafner

Randy Pate
Electric Guitar  3

Raycheal Proctor
Electric Bass  2

rex rex

Rich Andrews

Richard Koris

Rico Morales
Acoustic Guitar  1

Ruth Taylor

S Stone

Samsara Singer

Sandy Stonesifer

Sarah Grausz

Seth Spaulding
Electric Bass  1

Siena Marie
Piano  1

Stan Calvert
Electric Guitar  2

Bongos  3

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