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What makes a good jam (a discussion)

Sunday, Dec 20, 2015 4:00 PM

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DC Chapter

Event Details: Sunday, Dec 20, 2015 4:00 PM - 4:50 PM
801 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001
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About This Event

Flashband wants to offer more interesting, different jam types on a regular basis in 2016. We need your help figuring out new ways to structure them.

  • When was the last time you were part of an awesome jam session? What made it awesome?
  • How can we bring together new people with existing groups to make great music?
  • What works best - improv jams, prepared songs, something else? 
  • How do we deal with genres?

Flashband regularly hosts two main types of jams - the meet-and-greet jam (tied to our showcases), and our more free-form Potluck Jams. These both help attendees from a broad variety of backgrounds meet and play for the first time. But, they also have deficiencies - they often cater to the least common denominator, and exclude some instrument and musician types (especially un-amplified instruments). 

We will lead a discussion with you all, the Flashband musicians, on what makes a good jam, and how we can diversify the number of jam types we host. We'll be able to hold them more often (giving you more chances to play) and cater to different groups. But we need your help understanding how to do it. 

Join us at Dunya (two doors down from 7DL Studios) for a discussion from 4:00 to 4:50. After, we'll all head over to 7DL for our Holiday Potluck Jam.

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Neal Humphrey
Dec 20, 2015 3:51 PM
Tim, yes bring your bass, no need to bring an amp. See you this afternoon!

Tim Clasen
Dec 19, 2015 3:31 PM
Hey- Thanks for being here. I've never been to an event. Do we bring our gear? Bass?:D Tim

Neal Humphrey
Dec 18, 2015 7:29 PM
Thanks Alan for input! Also, I'll update the timestamp (must be using GMT).

Alan Warburton
Dec 18, 2015 2:17 AM
BTW - Neal. Your clock for posts is 5 hours fast.

Alan Warburton
Dec 18, 2015 2:16 AM
Restraint. Less is more. A good jam is a jigsaw puzzle, not a throw-everything-in-at once-until-my-part-is-loudest-aganza.

Alan Warburton
Dec 18, 2015 2:14 AM

Alan Warburton
Dec 18, 2015 2:12 AM
Volume. Lower the better, same for the drummer.

Alan Warburton
Dec 18, 2015 2:11 AM
Openess. Oh you really like death metal do you? Don't stare me down cuts i'm playing clean tone on my classical guitar

Alan Warburton
Dec 18, 2015 2:10 AM
Flexibility. Oh, you can play that Metallica riff, great, I've heard it a million times. Play something original in C. Oh, sheesh you can't?

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