Justin Kuhl
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Silver Spring, MD (5.9 miles away)

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  • Electric Guitar

    Primary instrument: Strong Intermediate
    18-ish years of playing both in bands and practicing

  • Electric Bass

    Secondary instrument: Strongly Competent
    One of “those” guitarists that can lay down simple accompanying bass tracks to virtually any song.

  • Piano

    Secondary instrument: Intermediate
    I can play chords and variations. I have written and performed a few songs entirely on the piano.

  • Mandolin

    Secondary instrument: Beginner
    Just picking it up for fun’s sake!

  • Saxophone

    Secondary instrument: Intermediate
    Lifelong dream: Play sax & sing backup in a ska band. I haven’t played in years, but it’s like riding a bike... or so I’m told...

  • Vocals

    Secondary instrument: Intermediate
    Been doing background vocals in every band I’ve been in. Also do the whole singer-songwriter thing. Could do lead vocals if the sound/energy was right!



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About Justin:

I’ve been playing guitar (electric/acoustic/12/6) for about 18 years. I play any/all genres except “new country.” I’ve been in at least 2 gigging bands and a couple small projects. Played everything from Jazz to Celtic Punk and “Butt Rock.”

Bands / Organizations:

Avian Flight School
A project a few guys and I threw together, however, “main” projects kept us from “taking off” (get it, “Avian Flight School,” okay, I’ll leave now)

From Dust
I was in this band 15 years ago, played over 100 shows, and wrote an albums worth of songs (minus the lyrics). They went on to record a few of my songs seen on bandcamp.

The Coldshots
Celtic Punk/Americana Punk

Justin's Music:

Run Quick

Simple song I’ve written without the vocals recorded.

Alecia’s Song

Simple song, simpler recording

Justin’s Flashband Events (4):

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