Benjamin Wolfgang
More rock, please!

Gaithersburg, MD (17.2 miles away)

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  • Electric Guitar

    Primary instrument: Expert
    Been an ax man for about 17 years. Love all kinds of music (other than rap and country). Comfortable with classic rock, indie, garage, funk, blues, punk, etc. Also a very experienced songwriter!

  • Acoustic Guitar

    Secondary instrument: Expert
    Love me some acoustic guitar. Been spending a lot of time lately falling back in love with my Ibanez acoustic. Playing a solid chord progression is almost as fun as ripping a solo.



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About Benjamin:

Hell yeah! Name's Ben, 31 years old in MoCo. Been a local band mainstay since I was 16 years old (first in Harrisburg, Pa., and for the last four years here in the greater DC area). Lots of experience on stage, in the studio, and an accomplished songwriter. I still consider myself primarily a guitarist, but I've done lead vocals in each of my two last projects and increasingly consider myself a singer, as well. Looking for a new project to satisfy the itch and, hopefully, get out there on stage and melt faces. Open to virtually any genre that falls under the broad rock/folk/indie categories (no metal, country or rap). Let's do this. \m/

Bands / Organizations:


Alt/rock band based in central Pennsylvania, active from 2001 through 2004.

The Thiefs
Raucous, all-original rock n' roll band active from late 2012 through early 2015. Currently on hiatus, though a second album is still a possibility!

Monkey Business

Alt/funk/rock band based just outside Harrisburg, Pa., active from late 2007 through 2010. Recorded one EP and played dozens and dozens of shows.

Benjamin's Music:

The Thiefs - Headhunters

A rocking tune from The Thiefs' EP, "It's Not You, It's Us," recorded in the summer of 2013. I wrote the song and am on guitar and lead vocals. \m/

The Thiefs - Liquor Store

Another tune off The Thiefs' debut EP... closest thing we had to a 'ballad.'

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