Irvin Cordova
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Chillum, MD (6.1 miles away)

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  • Electric Bass

    Primary instrument: Intermediate
    I first performed live back in 2009 playing indie rock,pop,alternative, covers on bass.

  • Electric Guitar

    Secondary instrument: Intermediate
    I learned to play guitar in 2009. I can play covers and Improvise a bit. I can't shred or play any thrash metal technical songs



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Hey what's up! I'm Irvin. I'm from the Washington,D.C. area. I enjoy listening to a large range of musical genres from hip hop,classic rock,salsa,jazz to some more avant garde. I've been playing Guitar and bass for a while now. I like to play indie rock songs from bands like The Strokes,Deerhunter,DIIV, Beach Fossils,Phoenix etc. If you're looking to jam with someone with an Indie rock or Punk background, let me know!

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Another one

a song a friend and I made years ago. No I don't have long hair anymore

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