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  • Drums

    Primary instrument: Budding Virtuoso
    Pro player with 15+ years experience on drumset. Likes playing anything from jazz, rock, electro-dance to world music! Has graced the stages of 9:30 Club, Jammin' Java, and legendary Fort Reno.



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About Mitchell:

You'll most likely catch me at 7drumlessons in DC! I'm Colombian. Lives in Virginia. Been playing around DC for a while in various outfits. Check out: Lady in the Radiator (2002ish-2008), Dope Francis (2015), Multi-Pass (2015) and Pagan Reagan (2016). My primary instrument is drums. I love being on a stage and playing music with people I like. I started out solely as a punk drummer, but I'm open to many different styles.

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Two originals live @ 9:30 Club

When my old band Lady in the Radiator did a battle of the bands @ 9:30 in 2008.

The Darlingtones - Broken Escalator

From 60s Showcase 2014

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