Chris Knudson
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Washington, DC (2.9 miles away)

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  • Electric Bass

    Primary instrument: Strong Intermediate
    After picking the bass back up for the 90s Remix Showcase and remembering how much fun it is to play, I've decided to make the bass my primary instrument again.

  • Vocals

    Secondary instrument: Budding Expert
    I'm a decent vocalist. I've been the lead vocalist in a few bands - mostly 80's and 90's rock. I probably don't have the range that I did 20 years ago to belt out classic Robert Plant, but I can still sing.

  • Electric Guitar

    Secondary instrument: Intermediate
    I have been playing guitar for about the last 5 or 6 years. I was a lead vocalist, bass player and keyboardist in several different bands through high school and college. After a long break from playing, I picked up guitar and taught myself to play.

  • Keyboard

    Secondary instrument: Beginner
    I tinker with the keys. I played keys in a band in the early 90's, but these days I just use the keys to write basic chord progressions.



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Just a bass player looking for a gig.

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Millennial Falcon

Rock and Alt Rock Covers

6 O'clock News

Stop, Drop & Roll

Option Paralysis

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