Edgar Diaz
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Washington, DC (1.1 miles away)

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  • Drums

    Primary instrument: Budding Virtuoso
    20+ performing live and in the studio with artists from all over the world.

  • Drum Machine

    Secondary instrument: Expert
    Various types of analog and software Drum Machines including drum controllers ( i.e Mandala pads, Alesis ControlPad, Ableton, NI BATTERY, NI Maschine, and much more)



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About Edgar:

20 year semi-pro musician. I've played everything from Classical percussion - Death Metal. I am also sound engineer (live and studio recording). I teach songwriting and production. I also perform in various projects here in the DC area that range from acoustic to electronic in nature. Looking for new musicians to collaborate with and taking music careers to new levels.

Bands / Organizations:

Delegation Music, Inc

Edgar's Music:

"Crazy" ft. Cody Valentine

Proposition Groove Live in Washington DC

"Need You Tonight"

Proposiiton Groove Live in Washington DC

Soundcheck at Bohemian Caverns before show

Vinx, Lucy and I literally learning the arrangement at Soundcheck to play.

That's why

Performing with Tara Trinity Project at Rock and Roll Hotel for A Delegation Music Showcase w/ headliners The Lucky So and so's

Edgar’s Flashband Events (7):

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