Erik Smith
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Washington, DC (1 miles away)

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  • Drums

    Primary instrument: Strong Intermediate
    Live experience mostly covers also sing backup. Love to groove and sing backup have my own kit.

  • Electric Bass

    Secondary instrument: Strong Intermediate
    Experience as lead singer on bass playing classic covers ready to jam have my own gear.

  • Electric Guitar

    Secondary instrument: Strong Intermediate
    Live experience in power trio (Sang). Basic rhythm and lead skills, nothing fancy. Love to groove.

  • Acoustic Guitar

    Secondary instrument: Strong Intermediate
    Live experience as soloist and in band. Play daily, mostly strumming but some finger-style and lead.



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About Erik:

I have been in bands since I was 13 and have always found a way to balance my outside obligations and interests while incorporating my love of music and being part of a music community. I wanna meet people and jam and most of all have fun! I love playing any of the big three (drums guitar or bass) and have gear for all of them. I love the scariness of a jam. The combination of structure and chaos that flashband provides is really fucking awesome. I saw my first show a few years ago and thought

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Sweet 60's showcase at Gypsy Sally's.

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