Jade Lewis
Folk/electronica powerhouse

Washington, DC (4.5 miles away)

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  • Vocals

    Primary instrument: Expert
    Performed all around the DMV area as lead singer of band "Cymbalize for two years, including winning Battle of the Bands. I tried out and was accepted into music schools including NYU, U Miami, DePaul and Drexel. I perform with The Washington Chorus.

  • Electric Guitar

    Secondary instrument: Beginner
    I recently got a Les Paul and acoustic, and can do basic chords and am learning to accompany myself.

  • Electric Bass

    Secondary instrument: Complete Beginner
    I got the electric bass for my birthday. I'll use it in case I get a gig where a bass guitar is needed and not available.



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About Jade:

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Bands / Organizations:

Were together for two years, I was the lead singer and manager. Performed over 26 gigs together: charity, paid, and festivals. (Fiesta Asia, Southgate Festival, Vietfest). First place Battle of the Bands and released several originals.

The Washington Chorus
New member this year (2017)

Single Singers a Capella
Participated for 6 years. Got two solos.

Jade's Music:

Chance at Life North Korea Official Music Video

Official music video for original song written for North Korean defectors. Worked with organization No Chain to send the song directly into North Korea through USB drives. Will appear in Netflix documentary, and performed at OneKorea where I won second place.

Everglow Cover Jade Lewis

Cover of Everglow by Coldplay, totally changed the style into a sort of electro-pop thing. With a series of videos throughout my year, showing my personality a bit.

Cymbalize (My band) - Cover of Madness

We won first place!

Feeling Good Cover

Cover with live piano

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