Jen Kovach
Rock singer

Washington, DC (0 miles away)

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  • Vocals

    Primary instrument: Strong Intermediate
    Choir background but always loved rock & roll. Former competitive karaoke-er. Taking voice lessons at 7DC. Been doing Flashband since summer 2018. Lent backup vox to The Invisibles as as well as lead vox in classic metal cover band. Open to new projects!



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About Jen:

I'm younger than my taste in music would suggest--my favorite music to listen to is rock from the 70s and 80s, but I grew up in the 90s. So, I enjoy some alternative music as well as the more classic stuff. I got my start in choral singing when I was in grade school. After singing concert/classical stuff for about 20 years, I had a two-year stint in a competitive karaoke league. Now I take voice lessons (at 7DC!) and just do karaoke for fun. I had a brief stint singing backup for the Invisibles as well as singing lead vox in a classic metal cover band. Shoot me a message if you want to jam or talk music!

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DistrUKt - 70s British Rock Flashband

My first Flashband! The medley/Stairway "sandwich" was my idea & it went over rather well if I do say so myself!

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