Jess Eliot Myhre
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Washington, DC (2.9 miles away)

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  • Clarinet

    Primary instrument: (unknown skill level)
    This is my bread and butter. Best at early jazz, jammy stuff, and making pop/indie/folk pretty

  • Vocals

    Secondary instrument: (unknown skill level)
    Touring musician. This is my strongest instrument, and I love harmony singing!

  • Keyboard

    Secondary instrument: (unknown skill level)
    Intermediate - pop music or jazz standards. Not classically trained, but can read chord charts.

  • Upright Bass

    Secondary instrument: (unknown skill level)
    this is my favorite to play! I am totally mediocre, but I aspire to greatness. Best at roots music



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About Jess Eliot:

I'm a touring musician, playing American roots music - early jazz & Western swing, country & blues. I fell in love with the early sounds in New Orleans, after I moved there on a whim in a post-college moment of reckless spontaneity. But I love a lot of different types of music, and can get down with the funkiest of funk or the poppiest of pop.

Bands / Organizations:

Sligo Creek Stompers

Bumper Jacksons
This is my full-time job.

Jess Eliot's Music:

Corina Corina

This is my group Bumper Jacksons live at a swing dance at Mobtown Ballroom.

When the Sun Goes Down in Harlem

This is Bumper Jacksons live at the Barns of Rose Hill in 2013. Kazoo trombones!

Darlin' Corey

At DC's own WAMU - live on the Brad Kolodner Show.

Darkness on the Delta

WAMU, baby.

Jess Eliot’s Flashband Events (2):

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