Khadijah Moon
singer, songwriter

Fort Washington, MD (12 miles away)

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  • Vocals

    Primary instrument: Expert



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About Khadijah:

Khadijah Moon weaves mesmerizing vocals beautifully around thought-provoking lyrics that range in topic from the spiritual to the carnal. Rooted in careful melodies that blend harmonically with sounds composed by producer Ben Beta, Khadijah Moon's vocals enchant against a vivid backdrop of jazzy soul rhythms. Learn more about Khadijah Moon at

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Khadijah Moon on the Blend

Khadijah Moon at The Artscape

Khadijah Moon at La-Ti-Do

Cover of Adele's "Hello"

What do you get when you loop vocals, squish a water bottle and beat a laundry detergent basin for backing percussion? You get one of the most original versions of Adele's single, "Hello" you've heard yet.

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