Lainie Williams
Crazy Redhead Diva

Washington, DC (3.5 miles away)

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  • Vocals

    Primary instrument: Virtuoso
    Professionally trained, been singing on stage since I was five

  • Keyboard

    Secondary instrument: Budding Expert



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About Lainie:

Texas girl just relocated to DC. I've been singing for many years. I've been in bands and have done some studio work. I would love to meet musicians in the DC area and play some music!

Bands / Organizations:

Bawdy Bohemians

bluesy rock band made up of awesome flashbanders!

Lainie's Music:

FlashBand Heartbreak Ballads Show

1st song is an Original 2nd song is a cover of Heartbreaker

Americana Bandstand show

Entire set

Summer Song

Songs of Summer Showcase Flash Bandits "Summer Song"

Lainie’s Flashband Events (13):

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