Merlyn Ember

Arlington, VA (5.4 miles away)

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  • Vocals

    Primary instrument: Intermediate
    Intermediate, capable of singing lead and harmony while playing bass.

  • Djembe

    Secondary instrument: Budding Expert
    Hand drumming since I was 6 months' old.

  • Electric Bass

    Secondary instrument: Budding Expert
    20+ years continuous. Prog+Funk+Jazz+D'n'B+Studio Work. Once paid to play, now play for fun.



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About Merlyn:

Let's start a Tower of Power or Earth, Wind & Fire tribute/cover band.
Let's write a new song that sounds as if those bands were into Pink Floyd.
What if The Funky Meters jammed with King Crimson, back in the early 70s?
-- Let's do some of THAT.

I try to Listen first, then Feel for The Groove, then Try Something and Listen More

Bands / Organizations:

Merlyn's Music:

WSMB - Live 2010

Band now defunct. I am playing Bass, and helped write all of the music.

Nexus of Plaid - Soundcloud

My Experiments in Electronic Music Production, more recent.

My Personal SoundCloud

Gathering my bass work and other stuff.

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