Anastasia Tsyganok
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Washington, DC (2 miles away)

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About Anastasia:

Originally from Russia and a DC resident of six years. I love singing, playing, listening and experiencing music in all different ways. I started singing pop music in my home town Tambov when I was 10 and successfully performed as a pop artist until I heard No Doubt and decided to become a rock star. I joined a local rock band Stargazer and had a ton of fun until I moved to DC where I've met 3 soulful strangers. We formed "The Sol Bandits" and had a ton of fun again. I would love to see where music takes me next. Main influences: Stevie Nicks, Janis Joplin, Gwen Stefani, New Radicals, Oasis, The Cure.

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Anastasia's Music:

Salt FX

Rock Project Salt FX I was featured on.

Dancing on my own

Cover of Robyn's song I did on the porch of my house one sunny afternoon.

The Sol Bandits - Milky Way

Video for the Sol Bandit's single Milky Way. Shot locally on Dupont Circle!

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