James Catalano
Exploding Djembe Beats

Cherry Hill, VA (27.8 miles away)

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  • Drums

    Primary instrument: Budding Expert
    I have been playing the drums my whole life and have played in many bands. I prefer the Djembe.



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About James:

My name is James Catalano, I'm 36 and have played music my whole life. I heard about this and figured it would be a great way to stay more connected with playing music. My favorite instrument is the Djembe drum and I carry it around with my taekwondo belt. I consider myself a fun drummer and I am looking forward to playing with all of you.

Bands / Organizations:

Corndogs at the Carnival

The coolest band ever!! Like Jack White and Tenacious D having a kid while eating corndogs at the carnival.

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