Samsara Singer
Dynamic electrifying singer

Bethesda, MD (6.9 miles away)

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  • Vocals

    Primary instrument: Budding Virtuoso
    I started as a jazz singer. Then, toured the world as a professional backing vocalist with various well known rock/pop musicians. Recently, I was lead singer of a band for a charity event. I sing at jams and open mics, but trying to form a band.



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About Samsara:

I started out as a jazz singer. I sang professionally as a backing vocalist for several artists and toured the world. I was the lead vocalist for several bands. Recently, I've been the lead singer for bands for charity event and sat in with other bands locally. I'm hoping to form a gigging band in the DMV area.

Bands / Organizations:

Samsara's Music:

Rolling In The Deep (Adele)

Lead and backing vocals on Adele's Rolling In The Deep

Ever Since The World Began (Survivor cover)

A cover of the Jimi Jamison/Survivor cover of "Ever Since The World Began"

Blame It On The Rain (original demo)

One of my originals - this is a demo. I recently recorded a different version at Cue Recording Studios in Falls Church with Island Styles on guitar, Andy Hamburger on drums and Holly Montgomery on bass. It will be ready for release soon.

Make It If We Try (original - demo)

Another of my originals

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