Stan Calvert

Washington, DC (3.5 miles away)

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  • Electric Guitar

    Primary instrument: Strongly Competent
    Played ~10 years, focus on cover rock, new and old - been in 4 party bands. Carry leads...

  • Acoustic Guitar

    Secondary instrument: Strongly Competent
    10 years, play at basic campfire to beginning open mic level. A little fingerpicking possible

  • Vocals

    Secondary instrument: Competent
    Some lead and backing vocals in cover bands, mostly tenor range. Love to play/sing when possible!



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About Stan:

While I played some guitar and bass as a kid and into college, I really started playing about 10 years ago and became involved with several cover/party bands. And it really helped to bring up a son who became an excellent jamming was awesome! I love rehearsing and performing in bands, and find that's what leads me to grow musically. I've developed ability to carry some leads, but have a long way further I'd like to go. My electric rig is a strat, modeling pedal board, and fender tube amp. I've done a fair amount of singing, lead and backing, and also look forward taking my vocals to the next level. I've also put my toe in the water at small open mics with the acoustic, and want to build on that too.

Bands / Organizations:


5-6 members, rock and pop covers, 5 shows, 2010-2011

A few others...

for single events/parties, mostly rock but one bluegrass gospel!


foursome, rock covers, 3 parties, 2012

Stan's Music:

Halloween Show

Trio called Freakinfunk...did CCR Run thru the Jungle, Superstition, Black Magic Woman, Somebody's Watching Me, and Boogie Man.

Trios Show

Threedom Fighters! with Mike Phillips and Daniel Neyra. Foxy Lady, BTO Takin Care of Business, Tush, our killer original One Night Stand, and American Band

Stan’s Flashband Events (10):

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