Andrew N
boom twang crash

Alexandria, VA (8.3 miles away)

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  • Electric Bass

    Primary instrument: Competent
    I have one...don't use it much

  • Ukulele

    Secondary instrument: Intermediate
    Got this for fun, now I use it for timbre...

  • Percussion (Other)

    Secondary instrument: Budding Expert
    Cajon, darbuka (tabla?), djembe, washboard, didjeridoo, name it.

  • Acoustic Guitar

    Secondary instrument: Budding Expert
    My nylon baby, hints of rock, classical, jazz, flamenco... :P

  • Drums

    Secondary instrument: Expert
    Been playing skins since middle school. Odd time signatures turn me on.



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About Andrew:

My mom says I was born with a pair of drumsticks in my hands. She also says I was raised by wolves but that's irrelevant.

Bands / Organizations:

Elena y Los Fulanos
Latin/Folk singer songwriter, play drums, percussion & guitar. Met her via Flashband!

Andrew N
Me, a name I call myself...

Near Northeast
Ambient, melodic tunes. Cool band, cool drummer (me, heh)

Andrew's Music:

Untitled song

A good representation of my 'acoustic' style

Miel Venenosa - Elena y Los Fulanos

A cool vid I made with Elena y Los Fulanos for the Tiny Desk Competition in early 2015


A little video made of us for the showcase.

Near Northeast: Little Sister

A gig with NNE @ the Portrait Gallery, courtesy of the Luce Foundation

Andrew’s Flashband Events (4):

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