Travis Valle
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Alexandria, VA (9.2 miles away)

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  • Acoustic Guitar

    Primary instrument: Budding Expert
    First started learning sophomore year of high school. Been playing non-stop since then for about 9 years.

  • Electric Guitar

    Secondary instrument: Budding Expert
    Same as acoustic. Been playing about 9 years. Was in a punk rock band in high school. Played rhythm guitar and had a few solos.

  • Vocals

    Secondary instrument: Strong Intermediate
    1 year experience. I've been described as a tenor.



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About Travis:

Been playing guitar for almost a decade. Played in a punk rock band in high school with a few local gigs. Did a stint of military service where I developed my singing. Now that I'm out, I've gotten more into performing publicly at open mics. I love meeting new musicians and collaborating to make awesome new sounds. Hoping to do some recordings and have some real gigs.

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Travis's Music:

Marilyn Manson/Eminem Mashup

Mashup of "Sweet Dreams" and "Lose Yourself" at the Flashband Dreams showcase at Songbyrd.

No Scrub - TLC Cover

Cover of TLC song featuring a local violinist who was kind enough to join me for my gig.

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