Andrew Yonki
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Washington, DC (0 miles away)

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  • Acoustic Guitar

    Primary instrument: (unknown skill level)

  • Vocals

    Secondary instrument: (unknown skill level)

  • Electric Guitar

    Secondary instrument: (unknown skill level)
    15+ playing experience, gigging steadily, recording experience, tour experience. All styles.

  • Electric Bass

    Secondary instrument: (unknown skill level)



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About Andrew:

I've been playing guitar for more than half my life, and played my first show at the age of 15. As a former member of pop-punk band Accidents, I've played venues from Jammin' Java to the 930Club. Currently I play for DC space rockers Caustic Casanova, and we've toured all through the US and have been working on an album. I'm always looking to expand my sonic palette.

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Short Commute, Live Forever/Cactus F**ker

The first song is our old workhorse single, the second is our first performance of a new song.

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