Ben Trajtenberg
Bass-Drums-Guitar Funk Rock

Washington, DC (1.1 miles away)

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  • Electric Bass

    Primary instrument: Intermediate
    I have played in a few bands - I incorporate my past experience playing drums and guitar for many years to develop a unique improv/jam style that finds patterns and pockets with both the drummer and guitar player. I am always happy to jam!

  • Drums

    Secondary instrument: Strong Intermediate
    Drums were my first love in elementary/middle school, into high school and college. It was slowly replaced by guitar and bass over the years, but also on the back-burner. I'm not a pro, but I can jam most genres.

  • Electric Guitar

    Secondary instrument: Strong Intermediate
    I can play along to most contemporary/rock/reggae/ska/fun music, and hit many solos (aside from the "Slash-esque" solos out there). I love playing my hollow-body and getting a bit crunchy to rock, or super clean to get fun-kay.

  • Acoustic Guitar

    Secondary instrument: (unknown skill level)

  • Djembe

    Secondary instrument: Intermediate
    I enjoy jamming with various hand instruments and can keep a good beat and improvise to song movements.



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About Ben:

I love playing just about anything just for the experience of it. I was in a ska band for several years playing drums then lead guitar, have done some solo playing on acoustic guitar to include just regular acoustic rock/reggae/latin, and my bass skills are derived from my love for both drums and guitar. I'm currently playing bass in the band COSMIC ROMP with musicians I have met in Flashband.

Bands / Organizations:

Cosmic Romp

DCBU Dupont Circle Bluegrass Jam
First Sunday of every month, come jam Buegrass at the O Street Mansion!

Cosmic Romp on SoundCloud

Ben's Music:

Acoustic Rod y Gab Jam

Really rough jam of Rod y Gab with a friend.

Zeppelin Cover: Whole Lotta Love

Cover of Whole Lotta Love performed with my band during the 60's Rock Flashband showcase.

Zeppelin Cover: Good Times Bad Times

Cover of Good Times Bad Times by LZ with my band during the 60's Rock Flashband showcase.

Ben’s Flashband Events (17):

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