Brandon Caudill
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Washington, DC (3.1 miles away)

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  • Drums

    Primary instrument: Strongly Competent



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About Brandon:

Been on the kit a few months, quickly becoming obsessed with it. Currently a student at 7Drum Lessons. A protégé of flashband legend John Heinze. Only have a few songs under my belt right now but willing to work my butt off to learn more. As a music fan my favorite styles are classic rock, blues, and bebop. On the drums I'm good a keeping a solid rock beat and love jamming to a fun funk or R&B groove.

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Brandon's Music:

Fortunate Son cover

Still refining it, but my first complete playthrough of "Fortunate Son." CCR is one of my favorites.

My first flashband

First gig ever (unless you want to count playing base drum in high school concert band). From the 60's Flashband Showcase.

My usual practice beat

Been playing this beat a lot lately. Here's just a few clips of my practicing with some random fills inbetween.

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