JR Denson
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Washington, DC (3.5 miles away)

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  • Saxophone

    Primary instrument: Strong Intermediate
    Mostly play by ear. Good enough to be supporting case.

  • Vocals

    Secondary instrument: Budding Virtuoso

  • Recorder

    Secondary instrument: Strong Intermediate
    I'll do it if I have to.



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About JR:

Played a lot of (amateur) shows. I know the drill.

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JR's Music:

LMFAO's "Sexy & I Know It" Cover

Turned this ridiculous pop song into a slow jam... (just vocals for me on this one)

Oasis' Champange Supernova Cover

Fun song. (vocals & a little sax on this one)

[Original] I Need Your Energy

My buddy Matt's song. (All sax on this one)

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