Chris Wesley
LOUD in Loudoun

Sterling, VA (20.4 miles away)

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  • Vocals

    Primary instrument: (unknown skill level)
    POP and ROCK, no screaming metal



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About Chris:

Sterling, VA. Lead Vocals. And the tambo/shakers. (In time with the drummer) Grew up on everything 60's/70's and enjoyed the 80's/90's rock and some pop. 00's/10's was rock only. Dislike that pop and still do... I love good harmonies and like guitarists that join in, not just strike a pose. I tend to think outside the box and want songs most would not do. In other words, expand my horizons, take the hard way out. I have two vocal pedals that do more than I will ever learn they do. (I have a dedicated home studio in Sterling with a PA, drums, keys, bass/guitar amps, big screen and projector. Just come over and plug in!) Don't forget to check out Events in Sterling, McLean, Falls Church, Rockville, Bethesda, Olney and DC.

Bands / Organizations:

The Roosters
Former singer. Early Beatles, Elvis, Johnny Rivers, Stones, CCR, etc.

DC Rockers (
Sterling is a new location and musicians are needed to get it off the ground! See me or message me, please. Thanks!

Chris's Music:


partial iPhone video in a noisy bar.

Oh! Darling

Karaoke after a long day working in the yard...not quite perfect, but pretty darned good.

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