Ginny Hill
Passion first.

Washington, DC (2.3 miles away)

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  • Vocals

    Primary instrument: (unknown skill level)
    Bluesy, country, and soulful. Lead singer of The Perfectionists, a local DC band



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About Ginny:

You can be reasonably assured about the following: I will always memorize my lyrics. I will always come to practice, as long as we do a Doodle poll and find out when everyone's available. I will even create the darn Doodle poll if you need me to. Oh, and I will always BRING IT on stage. :) I am originally from Chicago, and I've been in DC since 2007. I "gave up" singing for a while when I "got serious" about grad school and my career. But in the last year and a half music has surged back into my life. I started a band called The Perfectionists which has exceeded my expectations! And joining Flashband has been an awesome way to meet musicians, get out of my comfort zone, perform even more, and learn how to jam (which is hard for a singer!).

Bands / Organizations:

The Perfectionists
We strive for perfection, but we're perfectly happy rocking out!

The Perfectionists' EP recorded at 7DL
Here's what I sound like :)

Ginny's Music:

The 7DL sessions

The Perfectionists recorded two originals (Brackish Water and Hurricane Heart) and two covers (House of the Rising Sun and I Will Survive) in 2015. Check it out!

Ginny’s Flashband Events (10):

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