Daniel Gage
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Maryville, TN (442.1 miles away)

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  • Vocals

    Primary instrument: Expert
    I've been singing on stage in one form or another since I was about 4 years old.

  • Saxophone

    Secondary instrument: Beginner
    Still a beginner on this, but would like to find a group that will let me play at least a little

  • Acoustic Guitar

    Secondary instrument: Intermediate
    an advanced beginner :)



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About Daniel:

I've been singing on stage since I was about 4. I've done Gospel, Metal, Rock, Country and just a little bit of everything. But I got out of music (almost completely) for over a decade. With the support of my wife (and inspiration) I've been getting back into playing, writing and performing again.

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From the 60's Flashband, this was our original. Lyrics by me, and music by David and Daniel Rothman

Slither with Higher Numbers

Higher Numbers (originally a Flashband, but have gotten back together) performing at The Velvet Lounge in DC

Kitty with Heavy Petters and the Heartbreakers

Flashband Animals show

Welcome to the Jungle - Those Loud Mfers

Flashband 80s showcase

Daniel’s Flashband Events (6):

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