Sara Murphy
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Washington, DC (1 miles away)

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  • Vocals

    Primary instrument: (unknown skill level)
    Singing is my strongest suit. I love melodies, harmonies, everything.

  • Acoustic Guitar

    Secondary instrument: (unknown skill level)
    I'm an intermediate player, and not quite up to the level of jamming freely on guitar.

  • Mandolin

    Secondary instrument: (unknown skill level)
    I have recently taken up the mandolin, so I'm a proficient beginner. I love it though!



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About Sara:

Hi! I love the joyous act of making music with others. The collaborative nature of it is where I thrive. I like to play on my own well enough, but it's with other people that the soaring passion really takes hold. I'm best at singing, and I am always looking for folks who'd like to sing with me. I adore harmonizing. In that regard, I do have a weakness for folk, say Gillian Welch and such. But I have never met a genre I didn't like. In fact, I got my start in a gospel choir. I do decently on the guitar as long as it's not too complicated, and my mando playing is coming along. This may sound like a strange thing to add, but I'm also a good and enthusiastic organizer, and I love handling logistics and such. If you don't, not to worry, I've got you covered! Let's play!

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