Todd Daniels
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Crofton, MD (20.2 miles away)

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  • Piano

    Primary instrument: (unknown skill level)
    15+ years, all styles (but I love blues piano), Intermediate

  • Acoustic Guitar

    Secondary instrument: (unknown skill level)
    Added for delineation (from electric guitar). Equally proficient.

  • Saxophone

    Secondary instrument: (unknown skill level)
    "Beginner with potential". I know my scales, can play horn parts. Soloing is on "as needed" basis.

  • Trumpet

    Secondary instrument: (unknown skill level)
    Played all the way through high school. My range is decent (up to a high C, esp. if I practice).

  • Drums

    Secondary instrument: (unknown skill level)
    I'm rusty (sleeping children = no practice), but can hold it down. Hot for Teacher intro? Not quite.

  • Harmonica

    Secondary instrument: (unknown skill level)
    I have a bunch of keys, and given time, can learn most licks (excluding John Popper stuff)

  • Electric Bass

    Secondary instrument: (unknown skill level)
    By way of guitar + music theory, I can play bass tastefully, not accidentally.

  • Vocals

    Secondary instrument: (unknown skill level)
    Choir kid all growing up through college, I love to find the harmonies or sing lead

  • Electric Guitar

    Secondary instrument: (unknown skill level)
    Chords (rhythm), Solos (lead), or flashy Pete Townshend windmills (available upon request).

  • Other

    Secondary instrument: (unknown skill level)
    Looper. I have experience playing as a "one man band" with a looper pedal. Instant cloning!



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About Todd:

MWM seeking excitable, curious, tasty/musically knowledgeable, and "willing explorers". I bite off more than I can chew, but life's too short to play it safe. I'd like to play with people who are "willing" (there's that word again) to explore OUTSIDE the totally-fine-but-often-cluttered world of "English speaking rock music". I'm thinking more zydeco, tango, samba, son, klezmer, high life, gypsy name a few. Don't get me wrong. I still dig funk, and blues, and hard rock, and golden age country, and mid-late 90's hip hop, and (__insert your favorite genre___). But I know there's more out there, and I'd like some musical company finding it. I also get antsy when relegated to one instrument. See the "life's too short" piece above. I'd love a situation where I was playing with people who felt the same way.

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