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Flashband organizes different types of events, but they’re all centered around a single premise: bringing musicians together. We categorize these in to three types: Play, Learn, and Social. Read more about our event types here.

Flashband currently only has events in and around Washington, D.C. Want us to bring Flashband events to your area? Send an email to info@flashband.org. Can’t participate in any of the currently scheduled event? Join the mailing list to receive announcements of upcoming events!

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Trios (Flashband anniversary part 1) (Showcase Event)

Sat, 4/11/2015

One half of our 3 year anniversary double-header show, the Flashband Trio Showcase invites musicians to form bands consisting of only 3 people.

Remix (Flashband anniversary part 2) (Showcase Event)

Sat, 4/11/2015

Part 2 of our 3 year anniversary double-header show. Flashband bands will perform their set with songs performed in the style of another genre.

Animals (Showcase Event)

Sat, 3/14/2015

The Flashband Animal Benefit Show invites musicians to channel their inner wild side to support Animal Rescue.

One Hit Wonders (Showcase Event)

Sun, 2/22/2015

All you need is one song to hit big. Come pay homage to the artists so easily forgotten with the Flashband One Hit Wonders Showcase.